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Sleep Apnea Symptoms

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DAYTIME :   Planned Naps                       Unplanned Naps                      ...

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Details & Specs for Sleep Apnea Symptoms

DAYTIME :   Planned Naps
                      Unplanned Naps
                      Feeling Tired W/ No Energy
                      Feeling Depressed
                      Difficulty Concentrating
                      Jaw Pain
                      Gassy or Acid Stomach
                      Headaches Upon Wakening or Soon After
                      Having A Hard Time Thinking or Remembering
                      Fighting To Stay Awake With Sedentary Activities
                      Fighting to Stay Awake Driving
                      Falling Asleep Driving
                      Accident(s) or Near Accidents(s) Due To Falling Asleep While Driving

NIGHTTIME:Loud Snoring
                      Snore or "Snort" Awakenings
                      Limb Twitches, Kicks or Jerks
                      Breath Holdind or Breathing Pauses
                      Waking Gasping or Short of Breath
                      Nightmares or Disturbing Dreams
                      Being Restless or Moving Around A Lot
                      Teeth Grinding
                      Night Sweats
                      Heart Pounding
                      Heartburn or Reflux
                      Being Difficult To Wake In The Morning
                      Waking Up Oft

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